I am the left handed. Do you have a wave styler that is designed for left handed users?

To optimize the ergonomics of Cirrus™ wave styler, Cirrus™ has created two versions: one for left-hand users, another for right hand users. Please choose the version which you feel best.

How is the effect different between styling waver 01 and 02?

We recommend people to use styling waver 02 for short hair style and 01 for long hair style.

What kinds of hair styling accessories or tools would work with Cirrus™ wave styler together when I am styling my hair?

You can use hair spray / clay / wax before / after using the Cirrus™ Wave Styler. You can also try to blow up your hair with hair dryer without the air concentrator to roughen up hair as you want.

My Cirrus wave styler is damaged. Could I still use it for styling my hair?

We do not suggest to keep using the wave styler when it is damaged.

Can I use Cirrus in damp or wet hair?

For best results we recommend that you either air dry or blow dry your hair to almost fully dry.  Then use your favorite styling product such as a pomade, styling cream or paste and work the product thoroughly through your hair. Then use Cirrus to style as needed.

What is the best way to clean my Cirrus?

The best way is to use a damp cloth to wipe the body of the styler down.  You can remove the nozzles and wash under water but do not run the body of the styler under water.

What is the best way to store Cirrus?

Store Cirrus in the accompanying stand which is water resistant and ideal for countertops or salon stations.

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